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About Us

Welcome to The Souvenir´s Store!

We really appreciate you having a look around; and if you want to buy something, even better. We promise to do everything we can to make your shopping experience the simple, satisfying, snatching-the-package-out-of-the-postman’s-hands kind of experience.

At The Souvenir´s Store we don’t just want to sell awesome T-shirts to strangers (and mugs, and hoodies, and well… you get the picture). We want to help our friends find the product that help them feel more like them. Everybody should feel comfortable as themselves, so embrace the strangeness, we love you for it.

So have a look around, get in touch and no matter who you are and where, stay you.

Did you know we ship Worldwide?



We want to provide the best online shopping experience ever, so we promise to do everything possible to make that happen, short of walking over hot coals. In fact, we will walk over hot coals if we have too!

Our commitment to quality and top notch service is something we’re proud of here at The Souvenir´s Store. We want you to be as happy as we are with our products, so if anything should go wrong then send it back and we’ll put things right.

The service we give you, our customers and visitors, is paramount to us, so if you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Just click the live chat button at the bottom of the screen, or visit our Contact Us page.

All of our customers are covered by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee - If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase with us, simply let us know and we will provide you a full, no questions asked refund. All we ask is that you return your item to us.

Other than that, feel free to get in touch with us any time with your questions, comments, complaints and compliments, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading. We love you took the time to read our About Us page.